MIT Case Study Initiative | Founding Initiative Manager & Producer

After completing a master's degree in urban planning at MIT, I was brought on to create and lead a new multimedia curricular project. Motivated to shift the pedagogy of built environment education towards one that builds leadership skills and engages questions of values and justice, I guided the initiative for its first two years from inception to testing our first four cases. Serving as the director and manager, I conceptualized a workflow, hired and managed staff, consultants, led an RFP process to select faculty teams and cases, and oversaw the production of complex documentary-style educational websites. Together with Professor Albert Saiz, award-winning creative director and designer Jeff Soyk, media artist Paige Mazurek, and a team of talented writers and creatives, we created a new software platform and immersive learning environment so that urban planning, architecture, real estate, and public policy students can engage more deeply and critically with real world projects.