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Guest Speaker at MassArt's Design for Social Impact Course

Had a great time last week with the students in MassArt’s Design for Social Impact course, taught by Augusta Meill (who I am working with on a project through her practice Agncy). I spoke about my work at the High Line, comparing two community-engaged design processes we conducted, and extrapolated some best practices. I shared a few things from the field - “Dick & Rick,” a great publication on social-impact design from CUP, and Sherry Arnstein’s ladder of citizen participation. We went through a series of reflection questions that all designers should ask themselves (what biases might I be bringing to this process that I should be aware of? Who will be most impacted? Are they are the decision-making table)? and then brainstormed some ideas for an upcoming project they are working on with Dorchester middle school students.

Danya Sherman